Electronics and Communication Engineering

Today’s electronic product design and development requires the skillful blend of expert hardware and software engineering together with a spirit of creativity and innovation that is also tempered by the practical concerns of manufacturability, cost consciousness and reliability. The Electronics and Communication Engineering with specialization in Design and Manufacturing curriculum is designed to provide advanced theoretical and practical training of all aspects relevant to the design, development, and production of modern electronic systems and subsystems. The Electronics and Communication Engineering with specialization in Design and Manufacturing (EDM) program prepares you for a wide range of engineering study and career options, including business, biomedical engineering, computer hardware, the aerospace industry, computer software, nanoelectronic chips, photonics, nanoengineering, robotics, and solar energy harvesting and distribution.

Electronics and Communication Engineering Faculty Details:
Name Dr. Nitin Singh Singha
Designation Assistant Professor(HOD)
Institute Email id hod_ece@iiitk.ac.in
Phone No 08518-289105
Areas of Interest
Name Dr. Eswaramoorthy K. V.
Designation Assistant Professor
Institute Email id eswaramoorthykv@iiitk.ac.in
Phone No 08518-289107
Areas of Interest Electrochemical biosensor, Non-invasive body fluid monitoring, Biomedical Instrumentation,
Industrial Automation, Electrochemical techniques, Analog, and Power Electronics,
Internet of Things (IoT) for Agriculture, manufacturing industry and Smart City.
Name Dr. Mohamed Asan Basiri M.
Designation Assistant Professor
Institute Email id asan@iiitk.ac.in
Phone No 08518-289110
Areas of Interest VLSI for Signal Processing,
VLSI for Information Security (InfoSec), Hardware-Software Co-design, Formal Hardware Verification, Fault Tolerant Designs.
Name Dr. Situ Rani Patre
Designation Assistant Professor
Institute Email id srpatre@iiitk.ac.in
Phone No 08518-289109
Areas of Interest Broadband and UWB Antennas,
MIMO and Reconfigurable Technology,
RF Energy Harvesting,

List of Laboratories present in the IIITDM Electronics Engineering Department Listed below

S.No Title of the Laboratory Faculty in charge
1  Electrical Drives Dr. Eswarmorthy K V
2 Analog Circuits Dr. M A Basiri
3  Digital Signal Processing Dr. Nitin Singh Singha
4  Product Design Dr. Eswarmorthy K V
5 Sensing and Instrumentation Dr. Eswarmorthy K V
6  Digital Logic Design Dr. Nitin Singh Singha
7 Microprocessors and Micro Controllers Dr. M A Basiri
8  Communication Systems Dr. Nitin Singh Singha
9  PCB Design Dr. Situ Rani Patre
10 VLSI Design Dr. M A Basiri
11 Embedded Systems Dr. M A Basiri

Electronics Engineering Laboratory staff Details:

S.No Staff Name Lab Email
1 S.Srinivas
Lab technician(on contract)
1. Electrical Drives Practice Lab
2. Sensor and Instrumentation Lab Practice
3. Engineering skills Practice Lab
4. Measurement and Data Analysis
2 M Radhika
Lab technician(on contract)
1. Microprocessors and Micro Controllers
2. Engineering skills Practice Lab
3. Digital Logic Design
4. VLSI Design, Analog Circuits
5. Measurement and Data Analysis


B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering with specialization in Design and Manufacturing (EDM)

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