Rules and Regulations

Academic Rules and Regulations

01:  ORDINANCES AND REGULATIONS for Ph.D. (Full Time) - Download

           I. AMENDMENT 1 (Rule 12 a)
          IIAMENDMENT 2 
          IIIAMENDMENT 3 
              IV. AMENDMENT 4 Updated Leave Rules 

02: ORDINANCES AND REGULATIONS for Ph.D. (Part Time) - Download
        IAMENDMENT 1 (R.11.(f), R.11.(e))

03: ORDINANCES AND REGULATIONS for B. Tech. - Download

            I.  AMENDMENT 1 (Revised Grading System)
            II.   AMENDMENT2 (Revised Attendance Rule)
            III.  AMENDMENT3 (Internship and project in 8th Semester)
            IV.  AMENDMENT4 (Revised Branch Change Rule)

04: ORDINANCES AND REGULATIONS for M. Tech. - Download

05: ORDINANCES AND REGULATIONS for Dual Degree (B.Tech + M.Tech) - Download