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GUTSO 2020 - Inter IIIT Sports Meet


Dear faculty and non-teaching staff, young and energetic students & faculty in-charges who participated in the competitions and other students, First of all I congratulate all students for actively participating in all the competitions under the guidance of faculty in-charges organized in the IIIT sports meet GUTSO 2020 organized by IIITDM, Jabalpur during Feb - March 2020.  

   An interesting fact came across my notice: 

I was announced IIITDM, Kurnool as Founding Director when the students participated in the sports meet in 2020, while returning from IIIT, Jabalpur.  During the train journey, half the students read about me through the press coverage and before you guys reached campus the news was received across pan India. So my connection with the sports contingent goes a long way.  If time had permitted I would have been there to celebrate my one year along with you people at IIITDM, Jabalpur campus. But due to academic and recruitment process of teaching and on-teaching staff, I could not make it to participate in person. But trust me on one part, my heart and soul was there along with you and the jerseys emblem you guys carried in the track suit. I was closer to your heart then you ever imagined. The college logo was a representation of me there in person praying to your success at every point. 

As the founding Director of IIITDM- Kurnool, it is an eternal joy to express that I have completed one year after taking over the campus and to see students progress in wide verticals ranging from science, engineering and sports gives me a lot more energy to work harder and provide my students, who are god sent children wider opportunities in all fields possible in best possible manner within my capacity and limitations. 

          Coming to the sports meet, I would like to congratulate each and every individual for participating and keeping the IIITDM, Kurnool flag high. Each of you have participated in various sports and set a solid example to the upcoming generations of IIITDM, Kurnool. Winning and losing is a part and parcel of games and those things should be taken seriously in those confined boundaries of sports, but keeping ethos and ethics of the games intact. It has come to my notice that from our Faculty –in-charge that IIITDM, Kurnool played fair and lost with dignity after putting up a tough fight against established IIIT's. In some  competitions.  This shows fighting spirit our students possess, which corresponds well to our campus which is slowly coming to light as everyday passes by.

          Another aspect that came to my notice about our students is their natural ability to play their best irrespective of their opponents. With two months of practice with very limited facilities, which corresponds only to one hour a day, our students have formed a barrier for all other IIIT's in every sport they represented. This really shows the mental strength possessed by our students. Sports in general inculcates, team work, mental strength and physical fitness along with ethics, respect to the opponent, fair play in real life aspects as well. So all the individuals who represented our institution have shown real valour and character with bare minimum practice, and also did not give up fighting due to lack of facilities. 

          The reason why sports is included in academics is that, no matter what failures you face across in life, mental strength provided by sports, aids in passing through all the failures with a resilient nature to fight back harder and not give up. This part aids in all verticals of life, ranging from professional space to personal well being. So I kindly request the students who represented IIITDM, Kurnool to set an example and also I request the medallists to stay grounded, as this shows real character between winning and winning keeping ethos intact. 

          Coming to medallists, I would like to individually congratulate each of the 17 medallists who worked tirelessly in disparate sports event. I also urge them to work harder in their academics as well as sports, so that next time they represent IIITDM, Kurnool they play with a free mind and ensure, our team defends these titles and stands numero-uno in any sport we represent. 

          I will now urge the faculties in charge of sports to officially setup basic sports facilities for students and ensure they get enough exposure by the next sports meet so that we do not come down our benchmark of 17 medals. This is the benchmark we have set up for ourselves. Next time we will have more than 25 medals etched in our name. Also, I request woman to feel empowered and come ahead and participate in various sports as well. Next time in the contingent I want woman representation to go up as well in good numbers. There are chances we might host an inter IIIT event soon, and also in that aspect I need each of your inputs, so that we continue keeping our flags high.

With best wishes to all

Jai Hind.   



 Twaran 2018

IIITDM Kurnool students participated in second inter IIIT sports meet, held at Atal Bihari Vajpayee Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management from 8 to 11 March 2018. IIITDM Kurnool students won medals in the Inter IIIT Sports Meet conducted by IIITDM Kancheepuram in December 2016.