Open Day (National Science Day)

National Science Day at IIITDM Kurnool to be held on 28 February 2020. Let us come together to celebrate the spirit of science.

Open Day (28.02.2020) Project competition

Any student or a group of students (upto 4 per team) studying in classes 6-12.

The participants are required to submit their project idea in ppt format to or on or before 25-02-2020.

Around 10 (tentative) top teams will be shortlisted for on-stage demonstration on 28-02-2020 at Open Day, IIITDM, Kurnool, based on the evaluation of their ppts.

The project may include:

  1. investigation based study;

  2. an indigenous design of a machine/device or a technique;

  3. application of basic principles of Science and Technology;

  4. scheme/design of a device or machine to reduce production cost;

  5. effective innovative and sustainable practice for environment conservation.

The exhibits will be assessed by a team of experts as per the following criteria:

a. Creativity and imagination 20%

b. Originality and scientific and mathematical innovation. 15%

c. Scientific thought/principle/approach. 15%

d. Technical skill, workmanship, craftsmanship etc. 15%

e. Utility for society, scalability/educational value. 15%

f. Economics/ viability (low cost), portability, durability,

scope of its applicability in future etc. 10%

g. Presentation – aspects like effectiveness, demonstration, display and explanations. 10%

Awards and Certificates:-

  1. The top 3 teams/participants will be given prizes along with a certificate of merit.

  2. All the remaining teams/participants will be given a certificate of participation.

For further queries, contact student coordinators:

Rishabh Bhardwaj     9174087104                                

Ritwik Raj Gautam    9100246869