3D Printing Workshop

Hands-on 3d-Printing Workshop @ IIITDM Kurnool on September 28th and 29th 2019.  

Participants Information





Female participants:


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Topics Covered

  • Basics of 3d printer

  • Functions of the 3d printer’s parts

  • Practical session on Assembling the 3d printer

  • Basics of Firmware

  • Practical session – i.e. software flashing and connections

  • Final Assembly Test print


List of Speakers

      • Prof.D.V.L.N. Somayajulu, Director IIITDM-Kurnool
      • Kalai Selvan, CEO Sphere Tech Solutions
      • Arun, marketing head, Sphere Tech Solutions
      • Subash Krishna, electronic head, Sphere Tech Solutions
      • Dr.Akhtar Khan, Asst. Prof.

Feedback Summary

  • Director sir has highlighted the importance of 3d printing technology, which is one of the emerging technologies in the coming decades.

  • Akhtar Khan sir has thrown limelight on how it will be useful for students to have prior knowledge on this type of emerging technologies.

  • A brief introduction to 3d-printing technology, its history and present innovations, mainly SLA & FDM methods were discussed.

  • Information regarding present leading manufacturers of 3d printers, bare specifications, cost for production and prototyping, their application and advantages were shared.

  • Participants learned working with the new softwares and firmwares like Ultimaker cure, Repetier host and marlin firmware along with Aurdino.

  • Participants gained technical knowledge and had hands-on experience working with 3d printer.

Suggestions from Participants

  • Participants requested to organize similar types of workshops regularly to upgrade their skills.

  • It would have been better if there were more number of instructors for the workshop.

  • Participants expected that they would have experienced or learned more if the workshop would be of a 3day span.

  • Number of spares should have been increased.