Central Purchase Section-Administration

Central Purchase Section

Procurement of goods, including equipment & consumables, services, maintenance of equipment and outsourcing various activities, play a significant role in any organization. It has a bearing on not only on the academic activities but also the research and consultancy services in an Institution.

Fundamental Principle of public buying is procurement of goods in public interest, to enhance efficiency, economy, and transparency, fair and equitable treatment of suppliers and promotion of competition. We have a responsibility to ensure that specifications are decided in terms of quality and procurement is done wholly based on functional need, to avoid excess procurement. At times, the processing of tenders is inordinately delayed resulting in time and cost overruns and also invite criticism from not only our departments but also the Trade Sector. Hence, it is essential that tenders are finalized and contracts are awarded in a time bound manner within the original validity of the tender, without seeking further extension of validity. Accordingly, it is essential to have a reasonable and transparent procedure for procurement of goods and services.