Depiction of Our Logo

The logo is enclosed by a gear on the outer periphery. The function of the gear is to transmit the energy (motion) which symbolizes that the institute believes in transferring its knowledge to the outside world for benefit of the society. The gear is also a representation of motion which motivates the institute to always be on the move and never halt the progress of technology.

Concentric to the gear is another curve which partially encloses the remaining part of the logo. The curve is open on the upper side which signifies the spirit of the institute that it believes not only in mentoring its students to become experts in technology but also allows them to flourish them in diverse domains. The institute supports its students to live a balanced life by supporting cultural and sports activities.

The branch of leaf stands for victory. The members of the institute will always strive to excel in their field at par with global standards. The stick figure of a human is shaped like an upward growing tree. It also stands for building a sustainable future through our engineering practice. Like the spreading branches of the tree, the institute will strive to spread knowledge for the well-being of the society. The tree of knowledge is growing on the strong foundation of IIITDM Kurnool.

The IIITDM Kurnool logo contains two colors: sapphire blue (2D368B) and lime green (74BD44). The blue color symbolizes wisdom and intelligence whereas green symbolizes growth and prosperity.