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Prof. Somayajulu has 33 years of experience in teaching, research, consultancy and outreach in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. Prior to joining as the Director of IIITDM Kurnool in February 2019, he served as the Chair of MeitY Sponsored Scheme- “Electronics & ICT Academy” established at NIT Warangal during 2015-19. Under his Chairmanship, the academy conducted 225 FDPs/workshops, signed 30 MoUs with institutions/industries and BOSSMOOL, and generated revenue of Rs 2.25 crore. He was Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at NIT Warangal during 2006 - 2015. He served various administrative positions at NIT Warangal such as the Head of the Department of CSE, Dean (Academic), and Professor-in-charge of MIS. He is a member of various accreditation committees like NPIU Technical Committees of TEQIP II World Bank project.


He is instrumental in starting B. Tech. in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, M. Tech. and Ph.D. programmes at IIITDM Kurnool during 2019-2021.


Prof. Somayajulu is very enthusiastic to continue the trends set by his predecessors to make IIITDM Kurnool a global centre of excellence. His efforts will be to improve the ranking of the Institute in design centric engineering education to make IIITDM Kurnool a destination for quality students and faculty to exhibit their potential.


Prof. D V L N Somayajulu also took the additional responsibility as the Director of IIITDM Kancheepuram on August 4, 2021.

Teaching, Research, Consultancy and Outreach Contributions: -

Research and Development:

·         No of External Sponsored Research Projects:11 (5 as PI and 6 as Co-PI)

·         No of Consultancy Projects completed: 04

·         Total cost of all the projects executed: 375 lakhs

·         Ph.D. Guidance: 13 (completed: 12; on-going: 02)

·         Ph.D. Guidance: 13 (completed: 12; on-going: 02)

·         No of Papers published / Presented: 52

·         Invited by Microsoft Seattle USA for Faculty Research Summit in 2006

·         Organizing Chair for 8th IEEE Intl Conf. on T4E 2015

·         Organizing Chair for BDA 2015

·         Organizing Secretary for 23rd Indian Engineering Congress in 2008.

·         Executing Three major projects with total fund of around 27.5 crores.


·         Qualifications: Ph.D. (IITD), M.Tech (IITKGP), M.Sc. (IITKGP) and AMIE(CE)

·         Using Formative assessment tools such as plickers in the classroom teaching

·    Introduced courses on Fundamentals of Data Science, Data Analytics, Database Security and Privacy Preserving Data publishing courses for PG and research students

·         Established Mini-Centre of Excellence on Big Data with grant of Rs 80 lakhs.

·         Developed e-content on Data Warehousing as part of NMEICT pilot project.

·         Developed videos on DBSMS, DSS, Data Warehousing and Mining as pat JKC sponsored by APSCHE, Hyderabad.

Administrative Experience:


·         Chair, Electronics & ICT Academy since 2016.

·         BRICS Thematic Group Coordinator for CSIS theme.

·         Dean (Academic) during 2014-2016.

·         Head, CSE during 2012-2014 and 2007-2010.

·         Head, Computer Centre during 2006-2007.

·         MIS In-charge during 2006-2010

·         NMEICT Institute Level Coordinator (2006-10).

·         MIS coordinator for TEQIP II project

·         Library Advisory committee member during 2012-2013.

·         NBA Committee Member

·         NBA coordinator for M Tech CSIS Programme.

·         Started M Tech in Information Security in 2008.

·         ISEA PI in Phase I and Co-PI in phase II and alleviated from PI status to Resource Centre status.

·         DAC UG and DAC PG Member in DCSE.

·         Organized Dean (Academic) workshop for all NITs as per Kakdokar Committee recommendations.



·    LifeTime Achievement Award for exemplary contributions in the Research and Education Sector, by Brain O Vision Solutions India (P) Ltd in 2022

.         Organized 222 FDPs/Workshops & trained around 9000 faculty since 2015 under E&ICT Academy-NITW.

·         NPIU Expert to impart training on OBE under TEQIP III.

·         NMEICT Institute Level Coordinator for seven years.

·         Best Engineering Research Award from NITWAA in 2016.

·         Best Engineer Year of the award from IE(I) in 2007

·         Appreciation award from IEEE Computer Society in recognition of excellent leadership in organizing 7th IEEE T4E 2015 at NITW.

·         NEQIP Mentor for 3 Colleges in NE during 2014-2016.

·         Established strong relationship with industries and invited many adjunct faculty to the department

·         Organized Finishing School for unemployed engineering graduates consecutively in three years.

·    NPIU Technical Committee Member during 2009-2012 (nominated by MHRD) and Performance Auditor for 3 Colleges under TEQIP II project during 2012-2015.

·         NBA Expert Committee Member; AICTE GPAT Observer

·         BOS Member for Several universities and colleges

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