Internship and Placement Cell

Objective: The objective of the Internship and Placement Cell is to orient the outgoing engineering students equipped with the Industry skills and help them to accomplish their anticipated employment and career goals.


  1. To nurture the Industry-Institute-Interaction, collaborate as a partner with various industries to identify suitable opportunities for the students of the Institute for getting exposure to current trends in technology and business processes.
  2. To establish a state of the art in house training programs in order to enhance the employability skills of the students.
  3. Communicate with various reputed organizations/companies to conduct Internship and Placement drives, to fulfill the career aspirations of the students.
  4. Gathers the feedback on curriculum improvement from the collaborative organizations/companies to ensure that our student become Quality Engineers for Successful Future.
  5. Ensure 100% placement of the students.
       IIITDM KURNOOL – BROCHURE_2020  Download
       IIITDM KURNOOL – BROCHURE_2021   Download

       IIITDM KURNOOL – BROCHURE_2022   Download

       IIITDM KURNOOL – M.Tech_Internships (Toshiba R&D)    Download

       IIITDM KURNOOL – B.Tech_Placements (Publicis Sapient)     Download 
       IIITDM KURNOOL – B.Tech_Placements (Infosys)     Download
       IIITDM KURNOOL – B.Tech_Placements (IBM)     Download
       IIITDM KURNOOL – B.Tech_Placements (MAQ_Sofware)     Download
       IIITDM KURNOOL – B.Tech_Placements (Thrillophilla)     Download
       IIITDM KURNOOL – B.Tech_Placements (Vassar Labs)     Download
       IIITDM KURNOOL – B.Tech_Placements (Capgemini)     Download
       IIITDM KURNOOL – B.Tech_Placements (FIS Global)  Download
       IIITDM KURNOOL – B.Tech_Placements (CGI)  Download
       IIITDM KURNOOL – B.Tech_Placements (Zycus)  Download
       IIITDM KURNOOL – B.Tech_Placements (MSR Cosmos)  Download
       IIITDM KURNOOL – B.Tech_Placements (Innominds)  Download
       IIITDM KURNOOL – B.Tech_Placements (PK Global)  Download
       IIITDM KURNOOL – B.Tech_Placements (Lumen)  Download
       IIITDM KURNOOL – B.Tech_Placements (Synopsys)  Download
       IIITDM KURNOOL – B.Tech_Placements (DUNZO)  Download
       IIITDM KURNOOL – B.Tech_Placements (IVY)  Download
       IIITDM KURNOOL – B.Tech_Placements (International Company Amazon Berlin)  Download

       IIITDM KURNOOL – B.Tech & M.Tech_Placements (Deloitte)  Download
       IIITDM KURNOOL – B.Tech & M.Tech_Placements (Capgemini)  Download
       IIITDM KURNOOL – B.Tech & M.Tech_Placements (Tejas Networks)  Download
       IIITDM KURNOOL – B.Tech & M.Tech_Placements (Legato Health Technologies)  Download
       IIITDM KURNOOL – B.Tech & M.Tech_Placements (Cognizant)  Download
       IIITDM KURNOOL – B.Tech & M.Tech_Placements (TCS)  Download

Contact Us:

Dr. Eswaramoorthy K V, Ph.D.,

Placement Incharge,

Dept. of  Electronics and Communication Engineering,

Indian Institute of Information Technology Design and Manufacturing Kurnool

Jagannathagattu, Dinnedevarapadu, 

Kurnool - 518007 (AP)

Mobile: +91 - 94934 44282

Landline:  08518- 289125 & 289128


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