IIITDM Kurnool is an Institute of National Importance established in 2014 and fully funded by MHRD, Govt. of India with the mandate of specializing in design and manufacturing oriented engineering education and research. The curricula and other academic/research activities adopt an inter-disciplinary approach with a focus on experiential learning and information science-based modern tools and techniques. A strong foothold in the design market will propel the nation’s growth and IIITDM’s are a result of the Government of India’s vision to produce next-generation engineers capable of designing innovative products.
The tough entrance exam and cut-throat competition ensure that the students here possess good intellectual calibre, scientific ability and strong perseverance to compete. The desire to face competition and succeed translates into other fields too as the students participate eagerly in other activities such as designer’s clubs etc. The campus is a mix of students with extremely diverse socio-cultural backgrounds which train them for a global career in places that have similarly challenging environments and experiential learning methods.

Programs Offered


Computer Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Mechanical Engineering



Computer Science and Engineering

Electronics Engineering


Mechanical Engineering


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