Students Achievements

The Coding School in partnership with IBM, selected 5,000 students for the first virtual quantum computing course “Qubit  by Qubit’s Introduction to Quantum Computing” taught live by MIT and Oxford quantum scientists and researchers.

Seven students of IIITDM Kurnool have been selected in this course.



Mr. Revanth (roll no. 116CS0013) has received a New American University Scholarship valued at $10000 from Arisona State University based on his academic performance. This award will be evenly split between fall 2020 and spring 2021 semesters. (Updated on: 28th Feb 2020)

Mr. Pranab Singh (roll no. 119CS0023) got scholarship of 100% for the CodeChef DSA Certification for his exceptional performance in the February Long Challenge. The DSA Certification is offered at 3 levels. (Updated on: 28th Feb 2020)