Professor H.A. Ranganath

Prof. H.A. Ranganath
M.Sc., Ph.D., FASc., FNASc., FNA., FISEB.,
Visiting Professor, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore,
Distinguished Professor (for life) of University of Mysore,
(Former Vice Chancellor, Bangalore University;
Former Director, National Assessment & Accreditation Council -NAAC)


Hassan Annegowda Ranganath was born on 16th June 1948, Karnataka. He obtained his Ph.D. in 1975 from University of Mysore and he has post-doctoral experience in the laboratories of Germany and United Kingdom. Prof. Ranganath has served the University of Mysore for over three decades (1975 -2008) in different capacities. Since the early 1970s, Ranganath has made original contributions in the area of Genetics and Evolution and has published extensively in reputed journals. Research projects of Prof. Ranganath are funded by INSA, UGC, DBT, DST, DFG (Germany) and other funding agencies.

Prof. Ranganath was instrumental in establishing two national research facilities at University of Mysore namely “Drosophila Stock Center” and “Unit on Evolution and Genetics” funded by DBT (Govt of India) and DST (Govt. India) respectively.

After serving as Vice-Chancellor, Bangalore University (2006 -2008), Prof. H.A. Ranganath was the Director, National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) (2008-2013), an autonomous institution of UGC. Now he is recognised as the Distinguished Professor for Life of University of Mysore. At present, he is a Visiting Professor at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Also, Prof. Ranganath is the Editor-in-Chief of one of the oldest and the prestigious journal, The Journal of Genetics, published by the Indian Academy of Sciences. Prof. Ranganath is the Vice President of the Indian Society of Evolutionary Biologists.

He is (was) on many committees of Government of India such as - UGC, MHRD, Planning Commission, DST, DBT, AICTE, NBA, QCI/NABET,CSR&TI; Science Academies of the country such as INSA, IASc, NASI;, Statutory Bodies of Central Universities, etc. and also in the committees of the Government of Karnataka.

Recognitions: He is the elected Fellow of all Science Academies of our country, namely

(1) Indian Academy of Sciences (FASc., ), (2) National Academy of Sciences (FNASc.,), (3) Indian National Science Academy (FNA). Sri Venkateshwara University has conferred on Dr. Ranganath the honorary degree of Doctor of Science.

Other Awards: Prof. Ranganath was awarded the Indian National Science Academy Young Scientist Medal (1979), UGC Career Award (1986), Golden Jubilee Award of the University of Mysore (1994), Prof. Y.T. Thathachari National Award for Science (2003), Aryabhata Award (2008) and Sir M. Visveswarya Vigyan Puraskar Award (2010). Dr Raja Ramanna Award (2017) for contributions to Science and Education by Department of Science and Technology, GOK.

Current Interest: Administration of Higher Education; Teaching : Genetics & Evolution; Activities of the Science Education Panel of the Science Academies of the Country.